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  3. I seen some great things coming out of webmasterradio.fm over the last few years .. they do live broadcasts/streams and push them out to podcasts, so you get a nice mix of participation from the IRC channel during the shows. I think that is something that many Irish podcasts are missing. Its great to have radio on demand, but if there is no reverbe from an audience it just seems to suck. I’m not even sure what on demand really means o people anymore!

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  8. CoFFEE centre’s Bill Mitchell of Newcastle [upon Hunter] University solution would be to create jobs so that there aren’t 54 applicants for every vacancy in Tottenham. People who have to go to work tomorrow don’t have time to hang around getting disaffected.

  9. the food she cooked i believe did not benefit her mental health or her physical health. It is so hard to prove to those who “EAT GREAT” but die early because there seems to be no concrete evidence that is universally known or distributed that proves eating western diet kills. Also love the great recipes coming from Lisa especially the ones that look great so i can start making them and getting my boys to eat them.Dan

  10. Not only is this article childishly amusing but immensely naive. Do you really believe it was ever in any one’s intention for the UN to actually act in this case? Its merely a call for publicity to bring attention to one of the growing needs of students in Canada, a wake-up call for the B.C. govt and the UBC Senate. Good god, wake up. Frankly, I find such naivete from a university student much more embarassing than a protest to the U.N.

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  13. Cracking the code and Letting them Be Who They Are. Sure, it isn’t the same as having a face to face conversation or even hearing the tone of somebody’s voice, BUT I certainly have found my kids taking risks in terms of voice and humor when they use text. In ways, it is safer than speaking the words out loud. Not to be the only form of communication, in my mind, but not one to be disparaged either.Glad you enjoyed and know you’ll love the Santa Drag.

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  22. I found people hate because they didn’t think of it first. Like the diaper bag thing? Yeah…. she’ll get the wrinkles long before you do (I’m a firm believer negativity brings wrinkles on). You’re awesome, you’re style reflects that and people just aren’t as brave as you. Let them hate, it’s their role in life.

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  28. Hi Kim – totally sucks. I do not look forward to middle school because my heart will break into a million pieces if someone bullies one of my kids. Noah will get through all this middle school crap and be stronger in the long run. Hang in there Noah and mom!!

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